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21 Nov 2017 NO COMFORT ZONE!
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Luke 10:3

“Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves.”

Is it just human nature to want to stay in our warm and snug comfort zone, or is it the method Satan uses to keep us from doing God’s will and working in His harvest fields?

Regardless of how we answer that question, the fact is that God wants us to move out of our comfort zone. Inside our zone of comfort we focus most, if not all, of our energy on ourselves and neglect the needs of those around us. The harvest fields that Jesus speaks about in this passage refer to the lost and dying all around us.

You know, there are different types of harvest fields. When wheat or barley is harvested, all of the grain is gathered at one time. In a field of strawberries, however, only those berries that are ripe are picked. It requires many subsequent trips to complete the strawberry harvest.

It is the same way with the souls of men and women. Some may be gathered all at once in a mass crusade, while others must be picked one at a time. As we move out to the harvest field we must stop and consider when the crop is ready. It is not our comfort zone that is important, but the harvest’s ripeness. Are you ready?

Blessings dear hearts. May God richly bless you as you bless others by your words and actions!

– – – Pastor Cecil